Board Governance

webinar hosted by PwC and Diligent

Webinar » The Evolving Boardroom: Signs of Change

This November 5th webinar will explore the results of PwC’s 2018 Annual Corporate Directors Survey (research report publishing this fall). Panelists include representatives from BlackRock, other investors and sitting board members.

Shareholder engagement, State Street

The Changing Dynamics Between Investors & Boards

At Diligent’s Directors’ Experience event in Napa Valley, we held a fireside chat with State Street’s Rakhi Kumar. What expectations does the investor have around ESG, risk management, and board composition?

Cynthia Hostetler board member Vulcan Materials

The Role of a Board Finance Committee

Cynthia Hostetler discusses the function of a Finance committee. What types of oversight does the committee perform? What mix of skill sets should committee members possess?

Paula Loop PwC Governance Insights Center

Top Challenges Facing Boards in 2018

In this episode, Paula Loop and Host TK Kerstetter identify key governance challenges for 2018. What issues should be at the top of the board’s priority list?

Tony Crudele with Hibbett Sporting Goods and Tractor Supply

Building an Effective Board-CFO Relationship

In this episode, Tony Crudele shares best practices for CFO-board interactions and explains how serving in both roles can bring great value to the companies involved.