Every once in awhile, it’s a good practice to get directors out of the boardroom and spark opportunities to refocus and engage. Board retreats can be a good practice for boards that are looking to outline strategic plans, devote time to board education, and even build collegiality among directors. A well-planned, well-executed board retreat not only realigns the board to its overall mission, but acts as a breeding ground for innovative thought and ground-breaking ideas.

Board Retreats

The one-stop shop for board retreats.

Boardroom Resources operates an all-in-one board retreat program, facilitated by governance veteran TK Kerstetter (former chairman of NYSE Governance Services, co-founder of Corporate Board Member, and current host of Inside America’s Boardrooms). Kerstetter and his team organize agendas, speakers, specialized governance sessions, and other activities—all tailored to a board’s specific goals and board education needs. During the retreat, boards also have the opportunity to participate in a facilitated board evaluation or film investor engagement videos as part of their shareholder outreach program.

You tailor the experience. We make it happen.

With our board retreat program, companies can plan an experience that would be most beneficial to its directors. A welcome dinner and cocktail cruise on the lake can be followed by a full day of speaker sessions and strategic planning. Whether you’re looking to plan back-to-back board sessions or break up the day with a round of golf, tennis, skeet shooting, fishing or boating, we can make it happen. Between our access to today’s leading governance professionals and the amenities available at our retreat locations, boards can develop a truly tailored program that builds company value, director knowledge, and camaraderie.

Easy as a packaged deal.

Quite simply, we make it easier for boards to reap the benefits of a board retreat. We recognize that the time of today’s directors is precious, and yet the need to bring a fresh perspective to strategy, board education, and culture is critical in today’s fast-paced governance landscape.

Looking for more information? Coming soon is our Board Retreats Guide, which will offer additional information on agendas, accommodations, logistics, and our long list of customizable activities and speaker sessions. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to the Boardroom Resources team. We’re happy to answer any questions related to our service offerings and our process.

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