Special Interview with Steve Odland on Diversity, Board-CEO Relations

Equilar Board Leadership Forum

Back in September 2016, Equilar hosted its Board Leadership Forum. The day was filled with back-to-back panels offering board leadership advice amid today’s active shareholder environment. Our own TK Kerstetter had the opportunity to interview keynote speaker Steve Odland, now CEO of the Committee for Economic Development (CED), and on the board of directors at General Mills and Analogic Corporation. (Odland has previously served as the Chairman and CEO of Office Depot and AutoZone.)

The one-on-one session was a great window into the mind of a successful CEO and proven board leader. Among the questions Kerstetter posed:

    Q: The foundation of good leadership is the relationship between the CEO and the board. How can the two work together to ensure value creation across the organization?

    Q: You’ve been passionate about the issue of short-termism and long-termism. Can you talk a little about your position and why this is so important?

    Q: The CED is at the forefront to get women on boards—specifically, the ‘Every Other One’ initiative. What is your role in leading that and what’s trying to be accomplished?

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