Looking Ahead to 2017: What Compensation Committees Need to Know

executive compensation webinar

Meridian Compensation Partners’ latest webinar on executive compensation trends is now publicly available to directors. It’s not too late to gain insight into how executive compensation will be affected by a Trump or Clinton presidency.

During the 35-minute program (followed by 20 minutes of Q&A), partners Bob Romanchek and Chris Medland review the key influences on executive pay in an attempt to predict the future—particularly in light of the upcoming presidential election.

Below, we’ve provided a quick summary of the topics discussed in the webinar titled, Looking Ahead to 2017: Compensation Under a New Administration. We highly recommend this program as an educational tool for both individual directors and compensation committees.

Meridian Compensation Partners

Presidential Platforms

Romanchek reviews the platform for each presidential candidate. What are the implications of each platform on executive pay? In what way would each presidential platform dismantle or extend the Dodd-Frank Act?

Statutory Changes

Medland outlines the potential effects of proposed and expected legislation. Is there any chance that the CEO pay ratio could be repealed? What actions will the clawback rule require of boards and the compensation committee? Is say on pay working? How does the U.S. say-on-pay vote compare to what we’re seeing in other countries?

Say on pay

Accounting Developments

To predict the future of executive pay, Romanchek says, it’s necessary for compensation committees to consider any accounting developments that may be on the horizon. How will new revenue recognition standards impact executive pay? Liquidity discounts? Non-GAAP measures?

External Catalysts

Medland reviews the key players that should be on the compensation committee’s radar, including activist investors, significant shareholders, and proxy advisors. How does each influencer perceive CEO pay? What kind of action are they most likely to take?

activist investors and proxy advisors

Actual Pay Practices & Areas of Future Focus

Medland and Romanchek discuss current trends in executive pay and how they expect each to evolve. What changes does Meridian expect regarding profit inflows, income taxes, and clawbacks? On what topics will compensation committees be spending the majority of their time in the months ahead? What trends in director compensation are boards experiencing?

» Access Meridian’s webinar here.