Ethisphere Magazine: A Look Back at 2016 Investor Confidence Levels

Ethisphere Magazine

This fall, the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) will publish its 11th Annual Main Street Investor Survey results and give U.S. companies, boards, and audit professionals an update on investor confidence. A lot has happened since last year’s survey, so we wait anxiously for the 2017 results…

Ethisphere MagazineIn the latest edition of Ethisphere Magazine, TK Kerstetter looks back at the 2016 survey for a benchmark of last year’s confidence levels. He shares two key takeaways from the 2016 survey with commentary from CAQ Executive Director Cindy Fornelli. The article explores:

  • How much confidence do investors place in U.S. capital markets and public companies?
  • How much confidence do investors place in today’s board members? Audit committees?
  • How do these confidence levels compare to 2011?

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