Elephants in the Boardroom: Cyber Risk & Shareholder Engagement

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cyber risk and shareholder engagement
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Since the beginnings of corporate boards, directors have been dealing with governance challenges—old and new—and an evolving corporate law. In the latest issue of Equilar C-Suite Magazine, I argue that today’s corporate directors are facing one of the most complex environments in the history of corporate governance.

In my article, I address two big elephants in the boardroom: cyber risk & shareholder engagement. Both issues are universal and of critical importance to today’s directors—yet they’re also quite manageable by board members who are willing to engage in the necessary strategic thought and planning.

Cyber Risk

The ambiguity that surrounds cyber risk makes this issue the most unnerving and unpredictable. It’s hard to identify who the enemy is and where they’ll attack. Oftentimes, you don’t even know you’ve been hacked. The good news for today’s corporate boards is that you don’t have to be an expert to do a good job managing cyber risk. I discuss the thought process that boards should be exercising and the resources that directors should be utilizing.

Shareholder Engagement

With increased pressure from institutional and activist investors, the implementation of shareholder engagement is looming large over all boards. I offer several solutions and unlikely formats for corporate boards who are looking to improve (or even jumpstart) their shareholder engagement efforts.

Today’s corporate directors are capable of handling these two issues by drawing on the skills that got them to the boardroom in the first place. Don’t miss the issue:

» C-Suite Magazine, Summer 2016 Issue