Build to Fit: The Evolution of Board Committee Structures

evolution of board committees

Across the Russell 3000, there are 800+ uniquely named board committees ranging from a Digital Transformation Committee to an Environmental, Safety & Sustainability Committee. In his latest article for Equilar’s C-Suite Magazine, TK Kerstetter explores this trend of “build-to-fit” committees:

  • What are the stipulations and freedoms surrounding the board’s creation of unconventional committees?
  • What’s driving the trend in “build-to-fit” committees? Are board members spreading themselves too thin?

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Kerstetter reviews the facts, assumptions, and innovations in today’s board committee structures – a topic he also explored in last month’s episode with Ty Francis.

In this episode, Kerstetter talks more specifically about the forces driving the creation of these unique board committees. He also discusses the types of committees that are being formed (e.g., Executive committees, Value Enhancement committees, Airline Safety committees) and how these trends are changing the qualifications for today’s board committee chairs.

Annual Corporate Directors Survey: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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