Boardroom Resources Launches ‘Next Gen Board Leaders’ Community

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Boardroom Resources has launched a new community designed to spark discussion around the challenges, opportunities, and contributions of younger generation in today’s boardroom. Developed in partnership with Spencer Stuart, Next Gen Board Leaders will highlight the value that younger (often first-time) directors can bring to emerging areas of board oversight including e-commerce, digital marketing, and cybersecurity.

At the core of this new community is the Advisory Council, a group of ten directors in their 30s and 40s, all currently serving on public company boards. This diverse group of directors met this week at the first ever Mini-Summit, which offered a closed-door forum for directors to swap experiences and discuss governance topics through a generational lens.

Next Gen Board Leaders Advisory Council at the June 27th Mini-Summit

What is This New Community Out to Accomplish?

Not only will this community connect ‘next-gen’ directors with one another, but it aims to bridge a gap between strategy and composition in today’s boardrooms. As emerging areas of oversight come under the board’s purview, institutional investors are pushing for a better alignment of director skill sets.

Next Gen Board Leaders will also strive to lessen the gap between board member generations. This week’s Mini-Summit discussion revealed that next-gen directors don’t always receive proper on-boarding—and that boards don’t always know what they need when recruiting digital skill sets.

“It’s important to consider board dynamics, particularly when these young directors are 20 (even 30) years younger than the average board member,” said TK Kerstetter, Host of Inside America’s Boardrooms. “Ultimately, we want Next Gen Board Leaders to help boards understand how to recruit and assimilate younger directors to take best advantage of their skills.”

How Do I Follow the Conversation?

While this community is centered around next-gen directors, the conversations are intended for directors, investors, and governance professionals of all ages, says Caroline Tsay, 35-year-old board member and the chair of Next Gen Board Leaders Advisory Council.

I’ve found that the most progress is made when a solution or conclusion incorporates the best of different perspectives and experiences. We also need directors and governance professionals of all ages to join these ‘generational’ conversations, as it may mean that we all have to re-think the role of directors and how best to leverage and incorporate them.
— Caroline Tsay, Advisory Council Chair

We encourage you to check out the links below. This community will be producing on-going thought-leadership content throughout the year. NOTE: Those who are subscribed to Boardroom Resources email will not be automatically subscribed to emails from Next Gen Board Leaders, so please subscribe below if you are interested.

We’re very excited about what this new community will achieve!

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