April Boardroom Trivia: Board Composition

boardroom trivia on board composition

You may have seen us circulating this month’s trivia questions—each of which was answered in an April 18th Facebook LIVE session. We’ve launched a new series called #BoardroomTrivia, where we explore a hot-button board topic each month. In April, it’s all about board composition.

board trivia on board composition

board composition trivia question

boardroom trivia

What’s the answer to Question #1 (pictured above)? It’s technically FALSE… State Street Global Advisors is currently the only investor to make this statement; however, we anticipate that more could follow suit… We answer the remaining questions in our monthly Facebook segment (embedded below), where we also take the time to discuss the latest trends in board composition for today’s board members.

#BoardroomTrivia: Board Composition with TK Kerstetter

#BoardroomTrivia: Board Composition with TK Kerstetter, Host of Inside America's Boardrooms

Posted by Nasdaq on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Don’t miss the follow-up blog, where we explore the statistics on board composition at a deeper level. Thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned for May’s questions on cyber security!

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