A Quick Glance at the Latest Issue of C-Suite Magazine

Equilar C-Suite Magazine

We look forward to the quarterly edition of C-Suite Magazine, as it has proven to be an effective platform for board governance news and discussions. The Equilar publication boasts original content, event coverage, and guest articles from industry leaders. Below, we give you a quick glance at their latest issue (Fall 2016) by topics:

Board Refreshment

Director assessment is no longer a peripheral board exercise—rather, the board evaluation (and refreshment) process has become a matter of corporate risk. Board refreshment is a common theme throughout this issue of C-Suite:

    All on Board

    Companies move forward in recruiting diverse directors

    On the whole, the industry has rightly shed its belief that there’s a lack of qualified diverse candidates. Then, to what can we attribute this sluggish progress? This cover story takes a critical look at the underlying factors, suggesting that the greater issue may be board assessment and recruiting practices rather than deliberate discrimination.

    Ask the Experts: Pressure Points

    What will be the great risk for boards in 2017?

    For boards wondering where large institutional investors will be shining their spotlight, Vanguard’s Head of Corporate Governance (Glenn Booraem) emphasizes the importance of board assessment in 2017—and why aligning board composition with the evolving strategic needs of the company will be a matter of do or die. Don’t miss our episode with Glenn Booraem.

    Commonsense Solutions

    A response to the Commonsense Corporate Governance Principles

    As a regular contributor to C-Suite, our own TK Kerstetter shares his reactions to the buzzed-about Governance Principles (as well as the reactions of other key players). Kerstetter outlines what he believes is missing from the principles as it relates to board assessment. Be sure to catch our episode on the Commonsense Corporate Governance Principles.

Shareholder Engagement

With an uptick in investor activism, shareholder engagement has never been more foundational to board governance. This issue of C-Suite Magazine provides a window into the conversations taking place between boards and the world’s largest investors.

    On Board with Shareholders

    Narrowing the gap between investors and boards

    In the media, shareholders and boards are often positioned at odds; yet our new web show platform for investor-board interaction proves otherwise. Equilar’s Dan Marcec recaps our second session of the Investors Board Performance Review; he reviews what boards are doing well and where they must begin to show improvement. Don’t miss the full episode of the Investors Board Performance Review (Part 2).

    Order from Chaos

    Effective proxy disclosure to generate understanding and confidence among shareholders

    Institutional investors indicate that they use the proxy statement to aid in their assessment of the board’s risk oversight. RR Donnelley’s Ron Schneider gives several examples of how boards can use the proxy to more effectively communicate their risk oversight strategy to shareholders and increase transparency. Don’t miss our episode on innovative proxy statements.

Executive Compensation

From peer groups to pay trends, C-Suite Magazine always covers the executive compensation beat thoroughly and with the insider’s scoop.

    Revealing the Ratio

    HR departments must consider employee perception ahead of the CEO pay ratio

    As the CEO Pay Ratio looms large, companies must assess the potential effects of the pay ratio on their employees. Equilar’s Marcec also takes a look at the costs associated with calculating the pay ratio.

    Beyond the Proxy

    Examining 2016 CEO pay trends

    With insights from the experts at Meridian Compensation Partners, this article discusses the rise in CEO compensation and how trends vary by industry.

Institutional Investors & Proxy Advisors Give Feedback on Board Performance