Webinar » Should You Consider the Value of Adding Younger Directors to Your Board?

Board Oversight of Culture

* This event has passed. Webinar aired May 23, 2018.

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Corporate directors overwhelmingly agree that different backgrounds, demographics and experience all result in more diversity of thought in the boardroom. But while 90% of directors (according to PwC’s 2017 Annual Corporate Directors Survey) say that age diversity is important—beating out both race and gender—often it isn’t as much of a focus when recruiting new board members.

In fact, as PwC’s new Census of Directors 50 and Under reports, directors 50 and under make up only 6% of the seats on S&P 500 public company boards—and the average age of directors continues to rise. Is it time for boards to take a harder look at the value that younger directors can bring to companies?

PwC webinar

Join us on May 23 when PwC partner Catherine Bromilow and PwC director Leah Malone will talk with Mike Steib, CEO of XO Group Inc. and director at Ally Financial, Margaret Whelan, CEO of Whelan Advisory, LLC and director at TopBuild, and Grady Summers, EVP and CTO of FireEye, Inc. and director at NETGEAR, to hear first hand about their experiences and challenges navigating the boardroom as a younger director.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Highlights from PwC’s Census of Directors 50 and Under
  • Board composition
  • Onboarding challenges and acclimation to the boardroom as a younger director
  • Board succession planning and the use of term limits
  • Overseeing strategy holistically, including with the perspective of a broad range of age groups
  • The industry experience and backgrounds that many younger directors bring to the table
  • Tips for how younger executives might approach finding a board seat
  • And more!

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Board Composition: Consider the Value of Younger Directors on Your Board (2:30 pm ET)
May 23, 2018
PwC's Governance Insights Center
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