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Board composition webinar

January 26 Update: Although the event date has passed, you can still view the full presentation (audio & slides) by visiting this link.

With the 2017 proxy season fast-approaching, we continue our discussion of communication trends and best practices. On a recent episode, we sat down with Donnelley Financial SolutionsRon Schneider on Inside America’s Boardrooms to review best-in-class proxy statements from 2016 and make recommendations for the current year.

In this era of shareholder engagement, the proxy remains the most powerful tool for corporate boards. Directors may have limited control over the contents of the proxy, yet they maintain complete discretion over how it’s presented, visualized, and ultimately understood. With mounting investor pressures related to board composition and CEO pay, that’s a crucial advantage—one that’s all too often overlooked by today’s boards.

Event Details

From our sessions with Schneider, we’ve developed several resources that boards can use to improve the effectiveness of their proxy statement. The January 26th webcast (hosted by Donnelley Financial Solutions in partnership with Equilar) gives us the opportunity to focus on the most challenging board communication topics like CEO pay and board composition. Specifically, the webinar will focus on the processes that underpin these critical sections of the proxy statement:

  • Selecting the appropriate peer group
  • Benchmarking CEO and board pay
  • Identifying diverse board candidates
Answering Investors’ Calls for Transparency: CEO Pay and Board Composition
January 26, 2017
Complimentary Webcast
Donnelley Financial Solutions
  1. Ron Schneider, Donnelley Financial Solutions (Panelist)
  2. David Chun, Equilar (Panelist)
  3. TK Kerstetter, Boardroom Resources (Moderator)
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