Webcast » The Corporate Governance Impact of Trump’s First 100 Days

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In the first 100 days, the Trump administration has been quite active. The American Healthcare Act (AHCA) now sits with the Senate; the government temporarily avoided a shutdown by passing funding through September; and a new SEC chair (Jay Clayton) has been confirmed. These events (and more) certainly impact how boards and management define organizational strategy and oversee risk.

In this June 14 webcast hosted by PwC’s Governance Insights Center, a panel of experts will discuss the current and future actions of the Trump administration and how today’s companies can both prepare and respond. The topics and questions to be covered:

  • Policy priorities: What are the President’s current priorities? What are the next steps and hurdles to try and pass the Affordable Healthcare Act? Can we expect another battle over a government shutdown when funding runs out again?
  • Regulatory environment: Will Dodd-Frank be repealed? What are the key implications of the Financial CHOICE Act to reshape financial regulatory?
  • Tax reform: The President released a one-page tax plan, but there are still a lot of open questions. How could your business be impacted?
Governance Insights Center Quarterly Webcast (2 PM ET)
June 14, 2017
PwC's Governance Insights Center
Event Details