Webcast » How Boards Can Manage Cyber Threats in a Digital World

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Balancing opportunity and risk is not a new concept. But the digital age has certainly raised the stakes. While digital transformation has created unprecedented opportunity for companies to innovate and evolve, the threat environment is more dynamic and sophisticated than ever. Incidents of cyber-attacks, ransom ware demands, data privacy violations, and identity theft are increasing every day. In addition, the world’s toughest privacy law will go into effect in 2018─and carries hefty fines fohttps://boardroomresources.com/event/webcast-boards-can-manage-cyber-threats-digital-world/?preview=truer violations. So pressure on companies and directors to navigate risks is mounting from all sides. Failing to act could spell trouble for a company’s brand, its shareholder value–and could even bring enforcement actions or lawsuits.

On July 25th, join former deputy director of the FBI and head of PwC’s cybersecurity & privacy practice, Sean Joyce, along with colleagues Joe DiVito, principal, and Governance Insights Center partner, Catherine Bromilow, to discuss how the cyber threat environment is evolving, the new EU data privacy law, and what companies need to know about managing the risks, and reaping the rewards, of a digital world.

Governance Insights Center Quarterly Webcast
July 25, 2017
PwC's Governance Insights Center
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