Webcast » Why Board Oversight is Critical in Helping Stop Harassment

The Conference Board webcast on harassment

With the rising wave of #MeToo revelations and high-profile resignations across industries, how can the board and senior management prepare to handle high-level sexual harassment cases? If sexual harassment has been occurring at their company, how should the board and management respond?

Join The Conference Board’s panel of experts for this timely and critically important “Governance Watch” focused on harassment at the workplace. The panel, moderated by Doug Chia, will examine from a legal, corporate, and governance perspective:

  • The implications of this growing movement
  • The role of the board and management in creating safe, harassment-free work environments
  • The steps corporate leadership need to take to prevent and respond to incidences of harassment

Who Should Attend: C-suite corporate executives; Sitting board members of public and private companies; Chief legal officers; General counsels; Attorneys; Chief HR officers; All levels of professionals interested in gender equality in the workplace

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Why Board Oversight is Critical in Helping Stop Harassment
March 6, 2018
The Conference Board
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The Conference Board webcast on harassment

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