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January 31 Update: Although the event date has passed, you can still view the full presentation (audio & slides) by visiting this link.

Recently, we published an episode with Former SEC Commissioner Troy Paredes, who forecasted potential regulatory amendments under the new presidential administration. In addition to his economic and regulatory predictions, Paredes outlined how these changes will affect the oversight role of corporate boards—and what key issues boards should have on their docket in 2017.

Event Details

With several stones left unturned, PwC’s Governance Insights Center has scheduled a webcast following the presidential inauguration to deliver a timely assessment of the Trump administration’s policies and how they will impact corporate governance. The January 31st webcast will explore two topic areas:

    (1) The Regulatory Environment: What’s on the regulatory agenda for 2017? What will happen with Dodd-Frank? How will the SEC composition change? What considerations should boards and management have in the short- and long-term?

    (2) Tax Reform: What is detailed in President Trump’s tax plan? Is tax reform realistic? How could it change your course of business?

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January 31, 2017
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