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Nasdaq Boardroom Trivia

As we resume our #BoardroomTrivia series in September, we’re turning our attention back to the topic of board composition—specifically, to the trend of younger directors joining boards.

Each month, we feature trivia questions followed by a live social media broadcast—all designed to highlight a critical board topic and discuss solutions.

On Monday, September 11 (12:15 p.m. EST), TK Kerstetter will join Jill Malandrino to answer this month’s trivia questions and discuss the broader implications for today’s boards: What trends are we seeing in board refreshment and recruitment? How can today’s companies benefit from having age-diverse boards?

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As we roll out this week’s trivia questions, we’ll paste them below. In the meantime, be sure to follow @BoardResources on Twitter and LinkedIn. Tune in next week for the answers and discussion!

Boardroom Trivia Segment on Age Diversity
September 11, 2017
Social Media Live Broadcast
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