Facebook Live Broadcast » #BoardroomTrivia 15 Years After SOX

Facebook Live segment on shareholder activism

For the month of May, our #BoardroomTrivia topic takes a little bit of a different format. We’re highlighting two milestone ‘Boardroom Anniversaries’ including:

  • 15 year anniversary of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • 10 year anniversary of The Center for Audit Quality (CAQ)

Each month, we feature trivia questions followed by a monthly Facebook Live segment—all designed to highlight a critical board topic and discuss solutions.

On Tuesday, May 2 (around 12:15 ET), the CAQ‘s Cindy Fornelli will join host TK Kerstetter and Jill Malandrino to answer this month’s trivia questions and discuss the broader implications for today’s boards.

Be sure to follow @BoardResources on Twitter and LinkedIn). Tune in for the answers and discussion:

#BoardroomTrivia: Special 'Boardroom Anniversaries'
May 2, 2017
Facebook Live Broadcast
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