What Boards Need to Know About Cyber Risk Insurance

Episode Summary

Cyber risk insurance is becoming an increasingly important aspect of a company’s cybersecurity posture. Just as an incident response plan can mitigate the potential negative effects on company reputation and customer relationships, cyber risk insurance can offer financial protection for a vast range of hard costs that today’s companies may incur in the event of a cyber breach.

In this episode, Christian Hoffman, President of Aon’s U.S. Cyber Solutions Retail sector, explains what a cyber risk insurance policy typically covers–and how that coverage has evolved in just a short period of time. In this episode:

  • What questions should boards be asking management about cyber risk insurance?
  • What constitutes an effective policy?
  • Which organizational factors have the greatest impact on costs and types of coverage?

Interactive Module on Cyber Risk Oversight

Board Oversight Series on cyber risk

This interactive series offers a 360-degree view of cyber risk oversight in today’s boardrooms. How are other boards structuring oversight? Should boards be recruiting cyber experts? We address these questions and many more!

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