The Investor Stewardship Principles: What Will Be the Impact?

Episode Summary

On January 1, 2018, the Investor Stewardship Group (ISG)’s Corporate Governance Principles will go into effect. This ISG—comprised of some of the world’s largest institutional investors, asset managers, and activists representing over $20 trillion dollars in investments—has published a set of governance guidelines for both public companies and investors to strive for and adhere to.

What does this influential investor group expect of corporate boards? In what ways should boards be prepared to acknowledge and implement these principles?

In this episode, Darla Stuckey, President and CEO of the Society for Corporate Governance, joins Host TK Kerstetter to discuss the upcoming ISG principles—and what boards may need to know about their implementation.

Think about it. These are competitors in their day-to-day world. But they’ve decided to come together and push governance forward in the way they think is the best.
— Darla Stuckey, President & CEO, Society for Corporate Governance

As the initial buzz around the 2016 Commonsense Corporate Governance Principles has faded away, Kerstetter asks Stuckey: Will these principles be any different? Why or why not?

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