Governance Challenges Boards Should Expect in 2017

Episode Summary

In our special New Year’s episode, regular guest Cindy Fornelli (Executive Director, Center for Audit Quality) joins host TK Kerstetter to predict the major governance challenges that boards will face in 2017. For the first time in eight years, a new presidential administration will take hold, likely creating waves throughout the boardroom. We’re anticipating a new SEC chair, plus two new commissioners—and possibly a new PCAOB chair. Both Fornelli and Kerstetter believe the transition in administration could alter both regulatory and operating issues during 2017.

In line with last year’s predictions, cyber risk remains on the list of governance risks in 2017, joined this year by director compensation. Among the issues addressed in this episode:

  • What questions should boards be asking about cyber risk?
  • What concerns will investors raise about director compensation in 2017?
  • How will the new administration affect the Universal Ballot proposal?
  • Is Dodd-Frank on the chopping block?
  • What will happen with the auditor’s report and the new PCAOB standard?

The filming of this episode of Inside America’s Boardrooms was made possible by our Knowledge Partners.