Should Corporate Boards Operate More Like Private Equity?

Episode Summary

A couple of observations are regularly made about private equity: (1) Companies that spin off or go private often perform better than when they were part of a larger public company. (2) Private equity board members are often perceived by investors or activists as being more knowledgeable about company operations. Is there any degree of truth to these statements?

In this episode, we welcome Margaret Whelan (board member with TopBuild) who brings a unique perspective to the private equity discussion. Whelan’s background touches Wall Street, private equity, and the activist world. In our first episode of 2017, she compares and contrasts private equity boards vs. corporate boards:

  • Why do we see such success among companies going private or spin-offs?
  • Should directors become more involved in company operations?
  • How can each board positively affect director recruitment in 2017?

The filming of this episode of Inside America’s Boardrooms was made possible by our Knowledge Partners.

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