Commonsense Corporate Governance Principles: What Happens Now?

Episode Summary

In July 2016, an impressive group of corporate leaders, institutional investors, and mutual and pension funds gathered together to outline a set of corporate governance principles intended to represent the gold standard. Titled the Commonsense Corporate Governance Principles, the document was designed to build public trust in today’s corporations and financial markets. The well-publicized Commonsense Principles also provide corporate directors and management with a high-level roadmap on topics ranging from board composition to shareholder engagement. Now, three months later, what reaction have these principles elicited from various audiences?

With Ethisphere’s Ty Francis, CCEP, back in the guest-hosting chair, TK Kerstetter discusses feedback from major proxy advisors, investors, and corporate governance leaders.

  • How effective are these principles in serving their intended purpose?
  • What was the reaction from major proxy advisors who weren’t invited to the party?
  • What’s missing (or unclear) from the Commonsense Governance Principles?
  • What happens now?

The filming of this episode of Inside America’s Boardrooms was made possible by our Knowledge Partners.