Board Leadership Lessons from a Long-Time CEO

Episode Summary

Following a decorated military career, Bill Murdy has served as CEO and in other board leadership positions for over 35 years. This West Point grad now runs a leadership school, where he espouses an interesting philosophy for molding leaders—one that recognizes the importance of shared autonomy and culture.

“Board members are like eagles, and eagles don’t necessarily flock.”

From this simple metaphor, the nuances of board leadership can be best understood, says Murdy. A group of the strongest and sharpest individuals doesn’t necessarily make for the best board. Rather, it’s the responsibility of board leadership to connect and empower each member and to establish board culture from the outset.

In this episode, Murdy shares three ingredients or characteristics of strong board leaders and explains how leadership styles have fundamentally evolved over the past several years.

The filming of this episode of Inside America’s Boardrooms was made possible by our Knowledge Partners.