The Art & Science of Board Composition

Episode Summary

Throughout our 2016 Investors Board Performance Review series, the world’s largest institutional investors, proxy advisors, and influential activists shared their concerns about today’s board performance—and much of the focus was centered around the topic of board composition. Specific concerns ranged from board diversity and tenure to directors’ skills and industry knowledge. Quite simply, shareholders want assurance that the most qualified people represent them at the board table.

In this episode, David Chun, CEO and Founder of Equilar, joins host TK Kerstetter to discuss the board composition outlook for 2017. Chun shares how new resources can enhance the board’s search for diverse candidates, including women and candidates of color. Like the audit and compensation committees of years past, the Nominating & Governance Committee is now moving into the public eye and into investors’ crosshairs. How will boards respond?

The filming of this episode of Inside America’s Boardrooms was made possible by our Knowledge Partners.

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