Advice from a Board Veteran: How Boards Can Become More Effective

Episode Summary

If “experience is the teacher of all things”, then we should have a lot to learn from someone who has served on many boards over her business career. Cindy Fields served as President and CEO of Victoria’s Secret Direct, an operating unit that drove the company’s online/catalog sales. In the course of reading and reacting to retail and consumer markets, Cindy’s expertise landed her on four company boards, including Intimate Brands Inc., Blair, Chico’s, and Boston Proper.

I think the most important thing is that there is real clarity between the role of the board and the role of the CEO/executive team. It’s so obvious, but when these lines get blurred, it’s not a pretty picture.
— Cindy Fields, Former Board Member with Multiple Public Companies

In this episode, Host TK Kerstetter asks Fields about her best and worst board experiences: What are three things that your boards could have done to be more effective? What did they do well?