TK Kerstetter
TK Kerstetter

You’ve probably seen him around.
Few corporate governance experts have had a more extensive or diverse exposure to America’s boardrooms than Kerstetter. Over his 20+ years in the board education arena, he led various teams in creating board-related conferences and educational opportunities to serve board members, general counsels, corporate secretaries, and senior officers. Perhaps most importantly, Kerstetter has sat on both sides of the table as a CEO and board member.

Prior to launching Boardroom Resources in 2015, Kerstetter served as Chairman of NYSE Governance Services and President of NYSE Board Member (after the New York Stock Exchange acquired Board Member Inc.). At Board Member Inc., Kerstetter served as Chief Executive Officer and built the nationally recognized brands Corporate Board Member and Bank Director. During his tenure with Corporate Board Member and the NYSE, he was the creator, producer, and co-host of “This Week in the Boardroom,” a weekly on-demand web show filmed at the New York Stock Exchange. He also authored “The Board Blog” for corporate directors.

TK’s legacy and impact will exist in corporate board rooms long into the future. Companies, their boards and shareholders are beneficiaries of his efforts.
— Jim Nevels, Former Chairman, The Hershey Company

In 2011, Kerstetter spearheaded the launch of the Board Leadership Program, in conjunction with NYSE Euronext, which provides corporate secretaries, general counsel, and board leadership with critical updates and high-caliber content offered through a variety of live and online events.

Prior to focusing on the board space, Kerstetter served as President and board member of the $3 billion publicly-held Wilmington Savings Fund Society spanning a 20-year banking career. Directly following the financial services career he founded the Bank Directors Training Center in Wilmington, Delaware. In 1994, he authored a guidebook titled, “Ten Commandments for Bank Directors: the ‘Official’ Guide Regulators Won’t Publish,” which was released as a monograph by the National Association of Corporate Directors.

A tireless advocate, teacher, and spokesperson for improving corporate governance and boardroom performance. It is hard to think of a more knowledgeable, influential, and important participant in the corporate governance community than TK.
— Bill Chandler, Former Chancellor, Delaware Court of Chancery
A leader with a very unique human touch.
— David Dahlmann, Chairman, First Commonwealth Bank

A graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) and Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program, he was the recipient of the IUP’s Outstanding Alumni Award and was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame.