Boardroom Resources is a board education platform.

Boardroom Resources

Across several content formats, we provide a forum for board challenges, solutions, and best practices. Our goal is to connect board members and streamline discussions around corporate boards and governance.

Our charge started many years ago, as founder TK Kerstetter has long been on a mission to improve board performance—particularly by creating new board education formats and sparking conversations that push the envelope. Now, Boardroom Resources is focused on connecting the dots between longstanding board practices, new ideas, and the personal experiences of today’s corporate directors. Today’s companies are in a constant state of evolution, and the same should be true for boards of directors.

We have various content formats (described below), which are all free to consume. Additionally, we offer board evaluations and board retreats for those in search of professional services.

Inside America's Boardrooms
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Inside America's Boardrooms

Inside America’s Boardrooms is a weekly web show that features board members and governance experts with varying perspectives and board committee experience. The knowledge level is designed for current and experienced board members, executives, proxy advisors, and governance professionals.
Boardroom Insights and Events
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Boardroom Insights & Events

Insights and Events encompass blogs, articles, research, webinars, conferences, and other musings published or hosted by Boardroom Resources and our Knowledge Partners. We aim to make connections between the perspectives shared in our episodes, industry research, and timely happenings or regulations in the world of corporate governance.
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We currently have three weekly email newsletters. On Monday's, we send out "The Bulletin Board", a snapshot of last week's board governance news. Every Wednesday morning, subscribers receive a new episode of Inside America's Boardrooms. On Fridays, we share the latest content from our Boardroom Insights & Events. Sign up now, and unsubscribe at any time.
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Next Gen Board Leaders

This new website and community is designed to highlight the value that a younger generation of board members can bring to emerging areas of board oversight including e-commerce, digital marketing, and cybersecurity. Created in partnership with Spencer Stuart, Next Gen Board Leaders will not only connect ‘next-gen’ directors with one another, but will spark discussion around the challenges, opportunities, and contributions of younger directors in today’s boardrooms.