Important Tips for Getting Board Succession Right

September 28, 2016

Linda Rebrovick, Board Member for HealthStream, joins host TK Kerstetter to discuss…. Important Tips for Getting Board Succession Right.

Episode Summary

If we’ve learned anything from our Investors Board Performance Review, it’s that the world’s largest institutional investors and proxy advisors care deeply about board composition. This responsibility starts with the governance committee and hinges on selecting the right candidates for board seat openings.

Board succession has only recently become an area of focus, as it has long been overshadowed by the management and CEO succession process. As boards begin to hone this skill, we sit down with Linda Rebrovick (Board Member, HealthStream) to discuss this pendulum shift and recommended best practices for a board’s composition strategy. In this episode, we cover:

  • How should a board structure and begin their search?
  • What are those essential skill sets that boards should be looking for?
  • How can board members ensure they’re recruiting talent that can evolve with the company?

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