Have Shareholder Rights Gone Too Far?

March 9, 2016

James McRitchie, Publisher of CorpGov.net and shareholder advocate, joins TK Kerstetter, host of “Inside America’s Boardrooms” to discuss… Have Shareholder Rights Gone Too Far?

Board Governance Best Practices | Episode Summary

Over ten years ago, shareholder advocate Jim McRitchie titled his blog, “Vote TK Off The Island.” It was in response to a blog written by host TK Kerstetter, who had voiced concern that certain new board regulatory disclosures were a waste of time and resources. After an interesting exchange, the two agreed to disagree.

Fast forward to 2016: Kerstetter reached out to now investor activist McRitchie to have a reunion, compare notes, and get this advocate’s views on the current state of shareholder rights.

McRitchie, publisher of the corporate governance site, CorpGov.net, shares his background and defines the mindset of an activist. He also provides his opinion about where the shareholder rights pendulum is positioned today. If you are a board member or corporate secretary, you don’t want to miss this candid reveal.

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