Current Trends in Board Member Compensation

September 16, 2015

Marc Ullman, Partner with Meridian Compensation Partners, joins TK Kerstetter, host of “Inside America’s Boardrooms” to discuss… “Current Trends in Board Member Compensation.”

Board Governance Best Practices | Episode Summary

Compensation specialist Marc Ullman (Partner with Meridian Compensation Partners) takes a look at recent survey results that highlight trends in board compensation. Compensation committees work hard to make sure executive compensation is fair and purposeful, but are often challenged when they analyze their own compensation. Ullman and host Kerstetter discuss how compensation committees are trending toward retainers versus meeting fees. Also, they discuss what mix of pay is appropriate… cash versus stock. And is the push for a higher equity percentage a good thing?

This show also takes a look at the discrepancies between extra pay for lead directors versus non-executive chairpersons. The average variance will surprise you!

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