What Corporate Directors Need to Know About Cyber Threats

December 16, 2015

Michael Mason (SVP & Chief Security Officer, Verizon), Jeff Mazanec (Chief Security Officer, General Dynamics), and David Mahon (VP & Chief Security Officer, CenturyLink) join TK Kerstetter, host of “Inside America’s Boardrooms,” to discuss… What Corporate Directors Need to Know About Cyber Threats.

Board Governance Best Practices | Episode Summary

Who knows better what questions directors should be asking about cyber risk than Chief Security Officers from some of America’s most prestigious companies. Host TK Kerstetter pulls no punches as he asks these FBI alumnae how they determine if the right people and resources are in place — and what questions board members should be asking to ensure their organizations have done all they can to mitigate the perils of a cyber breach.

These top-notch security gurus also answer the question: Should you invite in a friendly third party to hack your company’s systems to identify weaknesses? You won’t want to miss their responses.

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