What Boards Can Expect From the Trump Administration

January 18, 2017

Troy Paredes, Former SEC Commissioner & Founder of Paredes Strategies, LLC., joins host TK Kerstetter to discuss… What Boards Can Expect From the Trump Administration.

Episode Summary

In terms of economic growth and SEC regulation, what does a Trump presidency have in store for boards and management? Troy Paredes, a former SEC commissioner (who served from 2008 to 2013), joins us to share his predictions.

Drawing on his background with the Securities & Exchange Commission, Paredes forecasts potential amendments to regulations under the newly nominated (but yet-to-be-confirmed) SEC Chair Jay Clayton. While Paredes is optimistic that we’re going to see pro-growth policies and regulatory rollbacks, he also shares his predictions for Dodd-Frank, the DOL Fiduciary Rule, the Financial Stability Oversight Council, and capital formation in general—all discussed through the lens of a corporate board member. In this episode, we cover:

  • What general predictions does Paredes have regarding the SEC commission under a Trump administration?
  • What are his predictions for Dodd-Frank amendments and other reform legislation?
  • How will these changes affect corporate board members—particularly in their oversight role?
  • What issues should boards have on their docket in 2017?

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