Are Board Disclosures a Good Solution for Investors?

July 6, 2016

Doug Chia, Executive Director of The Conference Board Governance Center, joins host TK Kerstetter to discuss… Are Board Disclosures A Good Solution For Investors?

Board Governance Best Practices | Episode Summary

After a storied career at Johnson & Johnson, Doug Chia brings to the show a corporate secretary’s perspective on board disclosures, board appointments, and short-termism.

    Board Disclosures

    In our recent segment (the Investors Board Performance Review), institutional investors expressed frustrations with not being able to see behind closed doors to evaluate a board’s operating effectiveness. Doug Chia, now the executive director at The Conference Board’s Governance Center, addresses investor frustrations with transparency and whether board disclosures are a valuable option.

    Board Qualifications & Appointments

    At the beginning of the episode, Chia takes a critical look at a board member’s actual job description. Until there’s a common understanding of board member qualifications, the board selection process will continue to be a point of contention, he says.

    Concerns Over Short-Termism

    Today’s public company managers are under pressure to maximize short-term profits—a mentality that endangers a company’s future profitability. In a recent report, Is Short-Term Behavior Jeopardizing the Future Prosperity of Business?, The Conference Board takes a look at both the drivers and the solutions.

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