Insights: PwC’s Annual Corporate Directors Survey

January 20, 2016

Paul DeNicola, Managing Director, PwC’s Governance Insights Center joins TK Kerstetter, host of “Inside America’s Boardrooms,” to discuss… PwC’s Annual Corporate Directors Survey.

Board Governance Best Practices | Episode Summary

Each year, PwC conducts the Annual Corporate Directors Survey—one of the most respected surveys concerning directors’ opinions and boardroom trends. This year, over 800 sitting board members responded to questions dealing with board governance best practices, board committees, activist investors, shareholder engagement, and corporate director discussions with management (just to name a few).

Paul DeNicola, Managing Director of PwC’s Governance Insights Center, shares some of the highlights of this year’s survey. DeNicola also offers his assessment as to why many corporate directors feel that some of their fellow board members should be replaced.

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